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5 Things to Look for in a Mobile Car Wash

Besides simply making your car look fantastic, a clean car is imperative to the overall health of your car. Debris and pieces of road grime can get lodged inside of your paint and eat away slowly at your exterior, making your vehicle look dingy and destroying the resale value.


But while car washes are fun, hardly anyone has the time to spend washing their car every couple of weeks. That’s where companies like MobileWash, with its on-demand car washing detail service in a convenient mobile application, come in handy.


Beware, however, because not every mobile washing platform is created equal. While the MobileWash application strives to put the customer first, others have the potential to cause more damage to your vehicle rather than clean it.


So what should you look for in a mobile car wash platform?


  1. A Professional Attitude


Whether it’s an old beater that you still rely on for your daily commute or a brand new sports car you deeply cherish, every car deserves a professional and thorough wash. From the moment you contact the staff in the app, the response should be friendly, informative, and courteous. The crew that shows up at your home or place of business should be equally professional, not finishing the job until you are completely satisfied.


  1. A Transparent Transaction


Nothing is more aggravating than hidden costs and fees that are rolled up into what should be a seamless transaction. Everything should be spelled out ahead of time and placed in front of you before the wash team shows up on site so that you know exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost. Keeping our business model transparent is just one way to build trust with our clients.


  1. Top Quality Products


You and your car deserve the best, that’s why MobileWash only uses top-of-the-line products to keep your vehicle clean. Everything that touches your car will be tried and true to deliver an exceptional shine, every time.


  1. A Convenient Experience


Let’s face it: the reason you use a mobile wash service is because you value your time, so it makes sense that ordering an on-demand wash should be a painless and smooth action. By contacting us through our application, you will be able to accomplish exactly what you need in as little a time as possible and with zero headaches.


  1. An Attention to Detail


Every time your car is washed by an on-demand service, it should look like you just pulled it out of the showroom. We strive in providing great service, in a great amount of time, but we will not cut corners to save a few minutes to quickly move on to the next customer. Every wash should focus on making your car the best it can possibly look. We will ensure that our time and service is quality and efficient. If you see spots or blemishes of any kind, let the technician know about it. We are not satisfied unless you are satisfied.