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2019 Travel Trends

2019 will be here sooner than you think. Now is the time to plan that once-in-a-lifetime road trip. Here are some travel trends for 2019 to keep in mind while you plan your trip:

Winter Resorts

There is nothing better than getting into your car and heading to the mountains for some winter fun. There are great winter resorts all over the country, where you can ski, mountain climb and snowboard. These resorts also offer plenty of nightlife.

Traveling Green

A big trend for 2019 is ecotourism. This means getting in your car and getting out of the city, to places such as national parks and wildlife preserves. Like with winter resorts, these place all over the country. So, there is likely a great place not far from you. Another related trend that is popular is staying in a cabin while you visit these places.

Small Towns

While big cities are not exactly unpopular, there is a trend toward visiting smaller towns and out-of-the-way places that most people have not been to or even heard of. Simply get in your car and point at some faraway place on the map. You will almost certainly find something interesting there.


Do you have an inkling to visit a foreign country? There is no need to get on a plane. Get in your car and head north to the border. Canada is a trendy vacation spot, with limitless things to see and do in both summer and winter, both on the coasts and inland. There are also lots of cool roads to explore.

Traveling by Yourself

While it is always fun traveling with friends and/or family, a growing trend is solo travel. There is no rule that says that great road trips require lots of people. Just get in your car and go somewhere.

Food Tours

If big cities are more your thing, why not take a road trip with a theme: food. Most big cities in America now offer food tours that celebrate the distinctive culinary styles of that particular city. Examples of such tours include New Orleans, Chinatown in San Francisco and Savannah.

History Travel

Another trend for 2019 is mixing travel with history, by visiting the sites of Civil War battles as well as those from the Revolutionary War and the Mexican-American War. Also popular is visiting the homes and graves of famous Americans, such as presidents, musicians and writers