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10 Most Breathtaking Concept Car Designs

There have been many technological advancements made by the top minds in the industry recently, even spanning back to the beginning of the computer boom. Phones have become computers, houses have become closer to full automation, and robots have reached a level of dexterity that is frankly terrifying to behold. Yet still, the average consumer in this fast-paced world is still U satisfied due to one nagging question:

“Where the heck are the flying cars?”

Never mind the fact that self-driving cars are on the cusp of reality. The people still demand that Jetson life, one where potholes become obsolete and runaway pets can tread with impunity. The cars don’t fly yet, and that’s just a shame. Fortunately, as evidenced in this article by Design Your Way, the wait for levitating vehicles has cut itself in half with the arrival of some breath-taking, futuristic concept art. Below are 10 of the most interesting and innovative designs.

  1. Mercedes-Benz 300SL by Slimane Toubal

This testament to sleekness and luxury tops the list for a number of reasons, most of them being surface-deep. This model simply looks amazing, especially when imbued with the iconic aura provided by the Mercedes name.

  1. BMW X MPower by Aldo Schurmann

Much like the spy car-esque Mercedes above, this BMW model doesn’t do much in the way of futuristic aesthetics, instead making tactile adjustments such as increased streamlining.

  1. Volkwagen Outside by Luiz Antonelli

It may come as a surprise that the first truly futuristic car on this list comes from the humble folks at Volkswagen. No matter, the impossibly sleek design of this model, plus safety innovations such as the partially covered rear wheels, make it all too apparent that the future is now.

  1. SAAB by Feliciano Ruy-Díaz

Much like the aforementioned BMW, this SAAB looks like the ultimate spy car of legend. The lack of protruding parts promises minimal chance for accidental contact with other drivers, making driving home after a night at the Space Club a breeze.

  1. Ferrari Celeritas by Aldo H. Schumann

Here’s the thing about luxury cars like Ferrari. These models, designed not only for comfort but also speed, are already exotic enough that they look like race cars. This is a Ferrari that is meant to look futuristic, but it is the unfortunate truth that the average consumer will still gaze upon this concept and see a racecar before a spaceship.

While many artists chose to model their concepts after existing brands, a good portion left their ideas to pure creativity. The second half of this roll call lists exceptional models that were drafted without influence from the current market.

  1. Prismatic Car by Janina Oberdorfer
  2. eXtremes by Marianna Merenmies
  3. Inner City Vehicle by Sean Seongjun Ko
  4. The Ferruccio by Mark Hostler
  5. The Touch Effect by Marco Sweston

So where are the flying cars? They’re coming. Until then, there will be concept art aplenty.