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MobileWash washer sprays down a white car for a quality full-service car wash.

A “Mobile Auto Detailing Near Me” Nearer Than You Think

We all have the experience of moving to a new area and searching for “car wash near me.” If you live in southern California, it might’ve been right after you finish unpacking; depending on how dirty your car was from the drive. However, when many of us come to the greater Los Angeles area, we’ve found that the “car wash near me” isn’t all that “near me.” Some places have a “car was desert,” where there’s no good car wash in your area. Others may have car washes in their area, but actually getting to them takes far longer than it should. That’s why so many are searching for a mobile auto detailing near me,” then finding and using MobileWash.

“Mobile Auto Detailing Near Me” Benefits

In Los Angeles, if you’re going somewhere, you are “going” there. That means that it’s going to be a trip. Depending on traffic, even a trip to the nearest grocery store can become a multiple hour odyssey. That’s why it’s so important to conserve your time by driving to the places you absolutely need to drive to. Work? Yes. Fun with friends/your significant other?  Definitely. Checking out the hot new restaurant in your neighborhood? You bet. Car wash? Ehhh… you can let that come to you. With time as precious as it is, MobileWash enables you to save some of it when you get a car wash.

a mobile auto detailing near me

No Better “Near Me”

Often, if you search for something “near me,” you’ll be asked to give some kind of radius: five miles, ten miles, maybe further. In LA though, stretching something out to ten miles can take literal hours in terms of travel time, due to the traffic. That’s not “near me” by any reasonable definition of the term. That’s just one more part that makes MobileWash so appealing. Instead of having to travel for the car wash, it comes to your location. You can get your car washed while you’re at home, without having to travel anywhere. No longer will you have to slam a bunch of coffee and then take time out of your day off just to get your car washed. The car wash can travel to you.


Each of us defines “productivity” in a different way. For some, it might be getting as much work done as possible. In an area as artistic as Los Angeles, it could include some kind of art or hobby: writing, painting, sculpting or the like. For others, it might include several domestic tasks: putting in the new stairs, doing laundry, assembling furniture, etc. A great definition of “productivity” is the kind of activity that might not seem productive at all: spending time with family and friends. Just being around people you don’t get to see enough in your life.

All of those can be helped by MobileWash. When you don’t have to take time out of your day to get your car washed, you can do more of the above. Our mobile car wash app gives you some of your time back. Sure, it doesn’t give you an extra day off from work, nor does it add to your vacation or anything, but it takes one thing off of your to-do list for good. That gives you a bit more time to do whatever it is that you truly want to do.

A Quality Car Wash

Of course, none of the above would matter if MobileWash were an interior car wash. Sure, a mobile car wash app can save you time, it can bring the car wash to you, but if that car wash is awful and doesn’t keep your car clean, then it’s very difficult to say that the car wash is worth it. Fortunately, MobileWash is a complete and comprehensive car wash. We only hire experienced, professional detailers who are true experts. Not only do we make sure they have the experience, but we also check to see if they have the equipment, too. Our car detailers have all of the necessary cleaning implements to make sure that your car looks amazing. You don’t have to drive to the best car wash in town to get the best car wash.

Our modern, Smartphone driven economy has made some many facets of our lives that much easier. You can have all kinds of food and products delivered to you, now you can have car washes delivered as well. Featuring a true, Uber-like interface, MobileWash has made it easier than ever to get the car wash that will help your car to stand out even in southern California. Whether you want interior cleaning or exterior cleaning, MobileWash has packages available that give your car a special shine inside and out. Start today by clicking “Wash Now” after you download our app.