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Why You Should Always Wash Your Car With a Clean Cloth

You want your car to look its best. You bought the perfect cleaning fluid and wax. Now, you just have to wash the car. Unfortunately, many people forget an important step in this process. You need to use a clean cloth that is designed for cars. Otherwise, you could end up damaging your vehicle instead of protecting it.


Why Do You Need to Use a Clean Cloth?


The biggest reason to use a clean cloth is to protect your vehicle. When you use a dirty cloth, you can end up damaging the car. A dirty cloth still has grime and dirt from the last wash. Even if it looks fairly clean, there are small particles of dirt that are buried within the fiber. When you rub this against the side of your car, you end up driving the grime into your paint job.


Best Practices for Car Towels


Even now, there are still myths about what types of towels to use for your car. For some reason, many people still think that old towels, flannels, and old t-shirts can be used to clean the vehicle. In reality, all of these items can hurt your vehicle. While they feel soft when you touch them, they are often made with polyester fibers. These fibers can ultimately scratch your paint job.


Choosing the Right Towel


To a beginner, picking the right towel seems unimportant. The truth is that the towel is one of the most important choices in making sure that your car is clean and dry. Depending on the task, you might use different towels to clean your car. Terry cloth is a popular choice because it absorbs moisture well.


Chamois towels are typically used for drying a vehicle. They are known for helping remove dirt and absorb water. They typically last a long time, but they cannot be used with any harsh chemicals. Meanwhile, huck towels used to be a popular option for detailing. They are made entirely of cotton and do not contain lint. They work well in narrow spaces like the interior of the car and the window. Unfortunately, they may leave fiber behind and are not good at picking up dirt.


Most detailing companies use microfiber towels to clean the exterior of the car. These towels do not damage the paint job. Microfiber towels are great at picking up dirt, absorbing water and cleaning your paint job.


If cleaning your vehicle is too exhausting, help is available. MobileWash provides thorough and articulate car washing. Through their app, you can arrange to have a professional at your house within minutes.  They will take care of your vehicle and only use the best car towels and supplies.