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Why Is Clay Bar Recommended?

While clay bars have existed for decades, many drivers are unaware of them. An automotive clay bar is an easy way to remove pollutants and contaminants from the surface of your vehicle. It is made of an engineered blend of resin, which is a sticky organic substance that is insoluble in water. This bar can be made of natural or synthetic clay.


This bar is extremely elastic, which means it can be easily stretched and molded. When you use it on your car, you can easily flatten, roll or pull it to reach different areas of the vehicle. Normally, contaminants like dust or dirt can slowly damage your vehicle. When you use a clay bar, you safely remove these contaminants and protect your paint job.


Why Should You Use a Clay Bar?


If you want the best results, then you will want to use a clay bar. When you wash your car, you may sometimes notice that the surface still feels rough when you touch it. This is a sign that you have not completely removed all the grime. A clay bar targets this grime and removes it. It is designed to be gentle, so it never scratches the surface of your vehicle. At the same time, it helps to break down bonded contaminants.


Thoroughly cleaning your car is important if you plan on waxing or polishing it later. If your car is still covered in grime, the wax will not help. You need to thoroughly clean the car before you can wax it. Clay bars do not have to be used every time you wash the car, but they should always be used before you wax or polish the car.


The main reason to use clay bars is because you care about your car. You do not want pollutants to penetrate the paint and break down the exterior of the vehicle. A clay bar helps to remove common contaminants like industrial pollutants, brake dust, dirt, bird waste, and rail dust.


Is It Safe?


When clay bars are used properly, they are completely safe for your vehicle. They are designed to be nonabrasive. If you are using them the right way, then they are actually less abrasive than buffing or polishing the car.


You only need to use a clay bar twice a year or before waxing the vehicle. If you are uncertain if your car needs this treatment, feel the surface of the car. When the surface feels rough, it is a sign that contaminants and pollutants are starting to dig into the surface of the paint. You need to use clay to draw out the particles and protect your paint job.


As you slide the clay bar along your car, it picks up anything on the surface. Dirt and dust become stuck to the clay. To make sure your car is protected, use a detailer spray or spray lubricant before claying. This adds lubrication that prevents the accumulated dirt from scratching your paint as you clean it