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Things to do Around Montebello After a Mobile Wash

If you want your vehicle clean but don’t have the time on weekends to go to a car wash or do the cleaning yourself you might want to look into downloading the care cleaning and detailing app, MobileWash. They offer the ease of being able to schedule a car wash that comes to you at a time that works for you. If you live in and around the Montebello area there are plenty of weekend and evening activities to take part in. Wasting what time you have by cleaning your car could be better spent elsewhere having fun. If you want a few ideas on what to do in the Montebello area, keep reading!


The Montebello Barnyard Zoo should be one of the first stops on your travels. It’s a family friend locale with free parking and plenty of cute barnyard animals to enjoy. There is pony rides, train rides, and a carousel for kiddos under 5. You and the family can also enjoy a water play area in the summer and baseball and softball fields just north of the zoo.  The local is served by friendly and caring staff and one reviewer said they will be booking their child’s next birthday party at the Barnyard. However, if barn animals aren’t your thing you can always check out the Shops at Montebello for a relaxing afternoon of shopping. Some will agree that a Saturday is best spent browsing through clothing, jewelry, and other must-haves. If you’re that kind of person the Shops at Montebello might by your afternoon location. Reviewers claim its the nicest mall in the area and that its a ‘cute town center’.  


Shopping might not be your form of relaxation and that’s okay. If you’re a person that find peace in the green you can check out the Montebello Golf Course. One attendee claimed it as “magnificent and unique”. Others claim it’s a stunning location and beautiful property for putting around for the day. This golf course is a well kept and evenly paced green that sounds like a great location for an afternoon in warm weather. If golfing isn’t your sport but you still want to spend some time outdoors you can opt for visiting the Trail Canyon Falls. It’s a moderate level trail that includes a beautiful waterfall. If you choose to hike this trail be sure to bring sunscreen and plenty of water as there is very little shade to be enjoyed.


With a few ideas of how to enjoy a day in Montebello, you can schedule your car to be washed on the app MobileWash, and have more time to enjoy the activities that you actually want to do. MobileWash washers are available throughout all of California so if you’re visiting from a different city, don’t worry. You can easily schedule a wash during a time that is convenient for you. They’re dedicated to ensuring that your car is thoroughly cleaned and are available every day of the week between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.