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Best Apps to Improve Your Life in Southern California

As a Southern California resident, you are on the go nearly all of the time. What modern technology can help you make the most of your day? One answer to that question would be to look at the numerous apps that will make your life better in this fascinating part of the country. Most of the residents of Southern California are based either in or around the two largest cities, Los Angeles and San Diego, so naturally, most of these app suggestions will be based around that fact. A few general Southern California suggestions will be mixed in as well. Here are a few to consider:

Los Angeles – MyLA311

If you are an LA resident, then you probably realize that the city is not always known for its efficiency, however, LA’s official app is seeking to change that. One of the great things this app does is that it centralizes everything that needs to get done around the Los Angeles area. For example, you can report different things such as a homeless encampment, a broken street light, graffiti that needs to be removed, and a litany of other things. All you have to do is fill out the report on the app, then you get a ticket number and an email when the project has been completed.

San Diego – What’s Up San Diego!

This app does an excellent job helping you find a way around San Diego. Not only does it do that, but it also gives you a lot of access to the many things going on within the San Diego area. You will have a lot of awesome opportunities to interact with others on their built-in social wall, and you can also utilize social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

Los Angeles – The Infatuation

There are many restaurants around Los Angeles, and it can be difficult to figure out which one is really good and which ones are not so good. However, this is where The Infatuation comes in. This handy app covers almost every restaurant in the city, and it is complete with ratings, menus, and even photos of some of the food. It is definitely one of the better apps for your social life simply because it will help your group know where to go for dinner.

Southern California: NBC4 Southern California

The NBC4 Southern California app can help your local events throughout the valley. Take a look at of the events around Southern California and Beyond with NBC4 live, taking a look at the Today Show, along with NBC Nightly News and many of your other favorite shows while you’re at it. You can get the forecast from the weather team, making you aware of any brutal weather that might occur, along with personalized news alerts and a streaming video. Moreover, you will also be treated to many different consumer investigations.

Southern California: California Road Report

The California Road Report will alert you to road conditions, traffic accidents, traffic conditions, and any traffic congestion that might be on the road throughout Southern California.


There is no questioning the fact there are a lot of apps to consider. Besides the above, there are many general apps that will become crucial throughout your day-to-day life. Of course, apps such as Uber and many others will be good for you to consider as well. Shop around! You are sure to find many apps you like!