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5 Car Cleaning Hacks You HAVE to Know

Cleaning your car can be a nuisance. For bigger cleaning projects, you can always go to a good hand car wash in Los Angeles. However, there are so many things you can do on your own, on a regular basis. Keeping your car clean requires daily work. However, with these 5 car cleaning hacks, you can easily keep your vehicle in a spotless state.

# 1  Save time and use a car wash app

Using the services of a mobile car wash can save you a lot of time and money. Just download an app, and you can call experts for scheduled car washes. They can come in right away, or you can pick a time that suits you.

A mobile car wash in the LA area might not be a choice you’re used to, but think about it. Fuel costs can be detrimental to your budget over the course of a year. Oftentimes, mobile car washing services offer much lower prices. This simple trick can help you in so many ways.

# 2  Rub your dashboard with olive oil

No, this is not for making scrambled eggs under the 2 pm sun. Olive oil is incredibly healthy not just for us, but for your dashboard as well. This natural oil will keep the dashboard shiny and clean, all while preserving the materials on it.

Due to thousands of hours of exposure to the sun and dryness, dashboards can crack easily. Olive oil prevents that.

 car cleaning hacks

# 3  Use cupcake liners to prevent spills and debris

You can find the Los Angeles best car wash to clean your car, but that won’t prevent daily spills and mishaps. Be honest – how many times does your coffee or juice spill while in the cupholder?

If the answer is “a lot,” then you should line the cupholder with a cupcake liner. Made out of thick paper, they can soak in all the spills and pick up any debris. When you’re cleaning your car, just replace the liner.

# 4  Lanolin conditioner can make your car shine

A common problem for car owners is a lack of shine. Even when you clean the entire exterior, there can be many smudges, and the shine isn’t as great as it should be. This is because of a lot of old dirt that’s stuck to the outside of the car.

To solve this problem, mix a lanolin conditioner with your car wash liquid. People use it to make their hair shine, so there is no reason why your car can’t too. Wash your car with this mixture once a month, and the shine won’t fade away.

# 5  Toothpaste is great for headlights

Take an old toothbrush and scrub your favorite toothpaste over your headlights. This combination kills every bit of dirt you can find. Toothpaste is designed to eradicate germs and debris from your teeth, and it can do the same with headlights.

Do two scrubs once every two weeks, and you’ll see the results immediately. Toothpaste is much cheaper and more effective than most headlight and glass cleaning products.